Connection, Understanding, and a Voice: An Interview with Joseph Maley Family Support Manager Liz Freisen

This week the Joseph Maley Foundation has shared the stories of our Family Support Program. From the Fishers, a family in desperate need for help with their daughter Zoey’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), to the connection with program sponsor Connor Reporting. We’re finishing the week with insights from Joseph Maley Family Support Manager, Liz Freisen. Read on to learn how the Family Support Program is growing, and about the impact this program has on central Indiana families.

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Part of the Movement: Board Member Dan Kindler

JMF board member blogs are back! After a brief hiatus, we bring to you an interview with board member extraordinaire, (let’s be honest, they’re ALL extraordinary) Dan Kindler. Dan is a CPA with DeWitt & Shrader P.C., and enjoys golfing, playing tennis, and watching his favorite sports teams (go Hoosiers!). Keep reading to learn about Dan’s hopes for the future of JMF, and why he loves and supports our mission “serving children of ALL abilities”.

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2019 Run, Walk, Roll – Results, Photos, and More!

Even though the 11th annual Run, Walk, Roll has passed us by, we’re STILL so excited about all the great moments and memories that were made at this year’s race! We want to make sure that you can share in those moments as well, so for this week’s blog post, we’re shouting out our top race performers, top fundraisers, and sharing some of the wonderful photos from race day. 

Don’t forget to check out all of the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll results, as well as  the great photos made available to us free of charge through the generosity of Kemper and Son Photography, and Gino Maley. 



Top Race Performers:


Top Male Finishers:

1st: Paul Domenech; 56:34

2nd: Jack Kovach; 59:07

3rd: Colin Chambers; 1:01:24


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Kendra Champion-Mcalo; 1:13:44

2nd: Rachel Wentworth; 1:15:12

3rd: Mary Anna Wehrle; 1:18:05


5k Elite:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Thomas Anderson; 14:45.8

2nd: Jeremy Craven; 15:01.7

3rd: Caleb Kerr; 15:08.9


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Sydney Meyers; 17:12.13

2nd: Anna Weber; 17:19.2

3rd: Lucy Hilarides; 18:28.8


5k Open:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Cameron Harless; 18:22.4

2nd: Brad Dick; 18:24.1

3rd: Daniel Ordaz; 19:10.4


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Katelyn Wasson; 19:50.9

2nd: Lauren Rinehart; 20:28.9

3rd: Lydia Moore; 20:55.2


Top Fundraisers:


1st: Gregg Delong; $600.00

2nd: Tim Weber; $455.00

3rd: Lisa Kayes; $215.00



1st: Dell Technologies and Friends; $2,098.00

2nd: Haut Family; $966.00

3rd: Kayes Family; $590.00


Thank you to all who participated, fundraised, and supported the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll! It is because of your support and generosity that the Joseph Maley Foundation can continue to serve children of ALL abilities. 

 A final thank you to our 2019 Run, Walk, Roll donors!

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A Positive Change – Board Member Stacie Hernandez

Board member, Stacie Hernandez, mother of four and an educator at St. Monica Catholic School, has been a supporter of the Joseph Maley Foundation since its inception. She and her family have spent years volunteering and advocating for the Foundation. Keep reading to learn how JMF has impacted Stacie and her family over the years, and why she continues to come back as a board member, year after year.

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Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Tom Spreacker

Tom Spreacker, JMF board member, has utilized the peer-to-peer fundraising model in the past for JMF. Keep reading to find out what Tom’s plan is to meet his fundraising goal this year, and how you can meet yours too!

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Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Barb Bates

Barb Bates is a board member at the Joseph Maley Foundation, and has been a frequent fundraiser for the Run, Walk, Roll. Keep reading to learn how Barb has successfully utilized the model of peer-to-peer fundraising, and find out what her tips and tricks are to reach your fundraising goal!

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Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Julie Friedman

Want to try your hand at peer-to-peer fundraising, but not sure if you want to do it on your own? The Joseph Maley Foundation’s Run, Walk, Roll provides the option for individuals to register as a team while fundraising. This method allows you to utilize not only the connections that you have, but the connections of your team, which in turn brings awareness for your cause to a greater audience! Julie Friedman, Director of Programs at the Joseph Maley Foundation, has used this method of peer-to-peer fundraising for years now, and she has some great insight on the process. Keep reading to learn more!

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Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Jordan Kyle

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a major component of the Joseph Maley Foundation’s annual Run, Walk, Roll. The peer-to-peer fundraising model allows for an individual to raise funds for the cause of their choice, by utilizing the relationships they have built in their personal, work, and social groups. When you register for the Run, Walk, Roll, you have the option of registering as a fundraising participant – both as an individual fundraiser, or as a team fundraiser. This week we will be sharing with you a set of mini-blogs by past and present Run, Walk, Roll fundraisers, who will provide insight on the process, and tips and tricks on how to best fundraise using this model! Jordan Kyle, the winner of our inaugural 10-mile race at the 2018 Run, Walk, Roll, shares his take on peer-to-peer fundraising below.

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Looking Ahead: Board Member Andrew Shearn

Board member Andrew Shearn, a third year medical student at IU School of Medicine, is JMF’s youngest board member. He is a long-time participant in JMF programming and events. We asked Andrew to share his perspective as a young professional on a board of directors, and why he believes JMF is making a generational impact on central Indiana children. (Read more about Andrew’s years with the foundation here)

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Unconditional Acceptance: Board Member Tim Gee

Board Member Tim Gee has been an ardent supporter of the Joseph Maley Foundation for over ten years now. Tim, a history teacher at Park Tudor Middle School, has witnessed JMF programming through the eyes of a board member and an educator, giving him a unique perspective on how JMF serves children of ALL abilities. Keep reading to find out why Tim continues to support JMF, and why he thinks others should too.

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