Teaching families to navigate Individual Education Programs and advocate for their children

Education is a partnership between the home and the school; as such, JMFamily Advocacy serves as a bridge between families navigating the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process and the schools their children attend.

  • Parents and Guardians
    JMFA provides families and schools with resources, advice, and opportunities for collaboration. From the parent perspective, the Joseph Maley Foundation administers quarterly information sessions. Every session is structured with a panel to offer a brief presentation and ample time for participants to ask questions. The panel is dynamic and composed of individuals who view IEPs from every aspect: parents, educators, administrators, therapists, and attorneys.
  • Attorneys
    From the legal standpoint, attorneys can broaden and deepen their special education knowledge base through Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sessions. These opportunities help attorneys ensure upmost integrity within each student’s IEP.
  • Siblings
    Services for siblings are offered through JMFA. Workshops provide siblings of children with disabilities an opportunity to interact with others in a comfortable setting. These workshops allow siblings to share their experiences and have a forum to discuss their own specific needs. Sibling Workshops are appropriate for individuals ages 10 to 21.
  • Educators
    JMFA educates the educator to take a proactive approach to meet each of their students’ unique needs. The Foundation provides learning opportunities for teachers and administration to understand the IEP process and Article 7. This component is addressed by working with current teachers to provide training and resources and working with education students as they complete their undergraduate coursework.

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