BFG Round 3 Update: Relationships and an Invitation

JMF has moved into the Engaged Eight Round of Brackets for Good. We’re reviewing our game tape and are so thrilled to have your support.

At the Joseph Maley Foundation, we consistently talk about the fact that relationships are our lifeblood. It’s no secret: most nonprofits rely on relationships to provide volunteers for their programs and events, help spread the word about their causes, and increase the network of support for their mission. During Brackets for Good, this maxim becomes even more prescient to us.

The Supported 16 Round came to a close this evening, and you helped move JMF into the Engaged 8. Our total points scored in Brackets for Good 2017 has topped 54,000! These funds will have an amazing impact on our efforts to serve children of all abilities, and we are so excited to invest these dollars into our seven programs.

What is made crystal clear, however, as we stare down an Engaged 8 matchup against one of our program partners, Brooke’s Place, is that while the funds allow us to continue our work, these relationships are what truly sustain us at JMF. We are honored to call Brooke’s Place one of our friends, and look forward to continuing our partnership with them. Best of luck in this round!

To celebrate our progress through Brackets for Good so far, and give you the opportunity to see the impact of your contributions in action, we are opening up the first session of JMFitness adaptive and inclusive basketball on Sunday to the public. Join us at St. Luke Catholic School North Gym (7575 Holliday Drive East, Indianapolis) on Sunday, March 19 at 4 PM. You will have the opportunity to see athletes of all abilities learn basketball skills, gain confidence, and be part of a team.

Most importantly, you will get to see one of the other ways relationships sustain us at JMF: every athlete who participates in JMFitness is paired with a volunteer mentor who works with them throughout the duration of the program. The relationships between the athletes and mentors are incredible and often transcend the work done on the court. We hope you can join us.

Thank you again for your incredible support throughout Brackets for Good and in all of our efforts to serve children of all abilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (

Post written by Maggie Mestrich, Development Director