Community Profile: Cari Camic

Cari Camic continues her tradition of participating in the Run, Walk, Roll with her family, as well as introducing son Tyler to the volunteer side of the Joseph Maley Foundation.

How did you first become aware of the Joseph Maley Foundation?

I work in the same department with John Maley at Barnes & Thornburg, LLP.

In what ways have you been involved with JMF since then?

Each year I have run the race (except two due to illness). I also attended Butterfly Tea and the Holiday Open Houses.

What keeps you coming back to the Run, Walk, Roll each year?

The Maley family and Foundation staff amaze me. You are all so positive, kind, and willing to help children in need. I want to do my part to help support the Joseph Maley Foundation.

What part of the event do you look forward to the most?

Hearing about the new happenings going on with the Foundation, seeing how JMF continues to thrive and help the kiddos in need, the relaxation of running or walking the race, and the post-race festivities

What is your favorite memory of the Run, Walk, Roll?

My oldest son, Tyler, ran the 2010 race with me at Eagle Creek when he about eight years old. We were at the top of the hill getting ready to run down to the finish line and he stopped—he   was having trouble breathing. A young man passed him and said something, I to this day do not know what, and Tyler took off sprinting to the finish line. It was hilarious; however, at the same time I was very proud because he pushed through his pain and finished the race. It reminded me of how so many children and adults have to overcome obstacles every day of their lives and how the Joseph Maley Foundation helps accomplish that!

Do other members of your family participate with you? 

Yes, my son, Tyler.  He is actually volunteering this year because he will just be getting back from Washington DC from a leadership conference.  My Mom is going to walk it with me this year.

What would say to someone who hasn’t registered to Run, Walk, or Roll yet? 

Please come out and support this wonderful Foundation.  I have watched JMF grow over the past ten years into something so amazing.  The Foundation has blessed so many children with the assistance they provide.

Interviewed by:

Gino Maley

Loyola University Chicago

Joseph Maley Foundation Board of Directors