Continuing The Journey

Cardinal Ritter senior Grant Eifert continues his Joseph Maley Foundation journey as he joins the staff as our newest intern this fall. Grant will focus his duties on preparations for the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll, and will assist JMF programs as those needs arise. We are excited to welcome Grant to the Center in his new role!

Where do you go to school/what grade are you currently in?

I am a senior at Cardinal Ritter High School.

You’ve been involved with JMF as a puppeteer with the Joseph Maley Friends Puppet Troupe and a member of the Junior Board. What experiences stand out the most? Why?

As a puppeteer, I was able to help teach all ages of kids about disabilities and how everyone deserves the same respect and kindness. This stood out to me since I was able to personally make a difference in a child’s life and positively impacted the way they treated people. Through the Junior Board, certain meetings stood out to me as significant experiences since I was able to use problem solving and discussion to help find a solution to a problem we had that day.

Do you have any expectations for what being a JMF intern will be like?

As an intern for JMF, I expect to be doing a variety of tasks and projects with programs.  I want to be a beneficial member of the Foundation so that I can help the staff in tasks they need done.

Why are you choosing to intern at JMF?

I chose to intern at JMF since I have been a part of the Foundation since 8th grade, and I feel that I know and am very comfortable working with many of the people involved. Most of all though, I have seen firsthand all the great things JMF does for the community, and I want to be a part of helping serve more people.

What are you most excited about, or most looking forward to as an intern at JMF?

I am most excited about working in some of the new programs. Being a puppeteer and Junior Board member, I am curious and excited to work in programs such as HOPE and Joseph Maley Fitness along with planning for the Run, Walk, Roll in July.

When you think of the JMF mission, “serving children of all abilities,” what does that mean to you personally?

“Serving children of all abilities” means every child/person should be treated with respect and kindness no matter what. Additionally, it means giving each child the opportunities that they deserve to experience throughout their childhood while helping them achieve the goals they want to.

What do you want the community to know about JMF?

I want the community to know that JMF has programs that can benefit anybody. From teaching about disability awareness to sports programs, JMF has opportunities for all people to benefit from. Additionally, I want the community to know how much of a positive impact the Foundation can have on the lives of people.

What do you like to do for fun?

In my free time, I really enjoy playing golf, practicing baseball, or working out. I also like to go to all the sporting events at my high school and to hang out with friends.

Interviewed by Aubrey Wiest, Program Associate