1.5 Hour CLE presented by Connor Reporting
Special Education Law: Administrative Options Within Article 7 Before the Department of Education, Including Mediation and Due Process Proceedings
This course will educate attorneys about the administrative options in Article 7, Indiana’s special education law. Contained within the law are processes for schools and families to settle disagreements with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) services and delivery.

Topics include:

  • Processes for mediation and due process hearings
  • Initiation and defense of actions, including timetables
  • Practical tips and guidance
  • Kevin McDowell, Assistant Chief Counsel, Advisory Division Office of Attorney General Curtis Hill, Jr.
Register online.  Cost is $45.00 or $30.00 for attorneys who agree to donate five hours of pro bono services to assist families through the Joseph Maley Foundation.
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* Free for first 5 government attorneys

Cost will be $15 for attorneys from these catagories thereafter.

Questions: Contact Liz Freisen at Liz.Freisen@josephmaley.org or 317.721.8043.