Our Sibs Support Workshop Series is designed specifically for siblings of individuals with disabilities. During these workshops we will explore our identity outside of being siblings, build a community of support, and address concerns that often come our way as siblings.

All workshops are led by Joseph Maley Foundation Education Manager, Mary Emily Wang. Mary Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Purdue University and has been an elementary school educator for 14 years. Mary Emily has been an engaged member of the Foundation’s speaker group since 2013, along with her sister Mollie, who has Down syndrome. Mary Emily has facilitated Joseph Maley Foundation Sibling Support workshops since 2017. She has valuable experiences to share with Sibling Support participants of all ages.

Questions? Contact Mary Emily at maryemily@josephmaley.org


Younger Sibs

Open to youth in grades K-7th

Live* and virtual workshops (see details below)


Teen Talks

Open to youth in grades 8th-12th

5 Virtual workshops held from 7pm-8pm


*Nov. 6th (Live 1 – 4pm) – Who Am I?

My identity outside of being a sibling

Nov. 6th – Who am I?
Dec. 4th (virtual 1-2pm)  – Meet My Family

Virtual meet and greet and Book Talk

Dec. 4th – All about my sib and sib safety
*Jan. 8th (Live 1-4pm) – Managing Expectations Expectations of myself, my sibling(s), and my family Jan. 8th – Challenges of being a sib
Feb. 5th (virtua 1-2pml)  – Dream Big!

My dreams for myself and my sib

Feb. 5th – Roles and responsibilities
* Live workshops will be held at 

Joseph Maley Foundation Enrichment Center 7176 Lakeview Parkway West Drive, Indy

Mar. 5th – Dream Big!

My dreams for myself and my sib


Sibling Workshop Series presented in part by