Good Vibes Only: Feel-Good News Stories to Brighten Your Day

We are in the home stretch towards the end of a challenging and exhausting year, and as winter approaches and the days get shorter, we all could use a little treat to reward ourselves and a mental health break here or there.

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Halloween 2020: How Our Staff is Celebrating

Are you stuck trying to plan fun, safe Halloween activities for your family this year? This Halloween might look different from year’s past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! So for this week’s blog, we turned to some of our staff members to see what they’re doing to celebrate the holiday, AND stay safe.

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JMF Q&A: Your Questions Answered

You asked and we answered! For this week’s blog, JMF asked our community, via social media, to send us any and all questions that they have for, or about, the Foundation. We had so many great questions sent in, and we’re excited to share our answers with you. Keep reading to learn more about JMF, our programs, and our future.

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Chatting with our Junior Board

Our Junior Board of Directors is comprised of students in grades 8-12, who have a passion for service-learning and leadership. Junior Board members come from schools all over central Indiana, and support JMF’s mission to serve children of ALL abilities.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 Junior Board of Directors! Students can find the application, and additional information about our Junior Board HERE.

Keep reading to hear from some current Junior Board members about why they joined the board, and why they love JMF!

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Family-Fun Activity: The Cookie Bandit

Looking for a family-fun mystery to solve this Halloween season? Look no further!

In this activity, your family will learn about chromatography by studying how ink has distinctive properties which can be recognized as different colors that separate when it is exposed to water. By studying the patterns of different black washable ink pens or markers, you can match the colors from the test samples to the pattern found from the Cookie Bandit’s note. 

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Meet Gino Maley

JMF is excited to introduce our newest staff member, Gino Maley! Gino has been with the Foundation since June of this year, and is our new Communications Associate. Keep reading to learn more about Gino and his role at JMF.

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The Best Hashtags and Accounts for Disability Awareness to Follow on Social Media

Oftentimes, we hear of the negative aspects of social media, but not so much the good. As with many things, social media can be both an incredibly useful tool, and a place for discomfort and stress. Today’s world is growing increasingly more accustomed to interacting with others on the internet, and consequently, it’s given us an opportunity to express ourselves, and share the diversity of personhood with one another. Social media is a great place to learn more about the things that interest you, and connect with others who may have similar life experiences as you, especially when it comes to disabilities. 

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10 Actors With Disabilities You Should Know About

While some Hollywood productions feature characters with disabilities, actors with disabilities are often sorely under-represented in entertainment media. Today, we’ve compiled a list of 10 actors and actresses with disabilities that we think you should know about. 

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Meditation: A Motivational Guide to Unlocking the Magic of Mindfulness

Joseph Maley Foundation Communications Associate, Lauren Maley, is a dedicated meditator. She has found solace from a number of ailments, both physical and mental, from the practice of meditation, and she is excited to share what she knows with our community. If you are experiencing increased anxiety or stress during these difficult times, or if you’re simply interested in what meditation is and what it may offer, we hope you find some valuable information within this week’s blog.

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Meet Our Interns!

JMF is excited to introduce our Fall 2020 Interns! These IUPUI and UIndy students are giving their time this semester to help JMF create new and engaging digital content for our program partners. Keep reading to learn more about all three of these impressive students.

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