Butterfly Ball: How to Participate in this Year’s Silent Auction from Afar

We are just two days away from the Joseph Maley Foundation’s Butterfly Ball. Can’t join us for the festivities on Saturday? No worries! You can still participate in our silent auction. Read on to find instructions for downloading and setting up your mobile bidding app, and a sneak peek at some of our auction items and raffle prizes. If you have any questions, please contact JMF’s Event Manager, Courtney Basso: cbasso@josephmaley.org

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All You Need to Know About the JMF and Crew Carwash Fundraiser

This weekend the Joseph Maley Foundation is partnering with Crew Carwash for a fundraiser that you won’t want to miss! On Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6, you can get a FREE FastWax with any donation to the Joseph Maley Foundation, and with the purchase of any wash. Keep reading to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving about this event:

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2019 Run, Walk, Roll – Results, Photos, and More!

Even though the 11th annual Run, Walk, Roll has passed us by, we’re STILL so excited about all the great moments and memories that were made at this year’s race! We want to make sure that you can share in those moments as well, so for this week’s blog post, we’re shouting out our top race performers, top fundraisers, and sharing some of the wonderful photos from race day. 

Don’t forget to check out all of the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll results, as well as  the great photos made available to us free of charge through the generosity of Kemper and Son Photography, and Gino Maley. 



Top Race Performers:


Top Male Finishers:

1st: Paul Domenech; 56:34

2nd: Jack Kovach; 59:07

3rd: Colin Chambers; 1:01:24


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Kendra Champion-Mcalo; 1:13:44

2nd: Rachel Wentworth; 1:15:12

3rd: Mary Anna Wehrle; 1:18:05


5k Elite:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Thomas Anderson; 14:45.8

2nd: Jeremy Craven; 15:01.7

3rd: Caleb Kerr; 15:08.9


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Sydney Meyers; 17:12.13

2nd: Anna Weber; 17:19.2

3rd: Lucy Hilarides; 18:28.8


5k Open:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Cameron Harless; 18:22.4

2nd: Brad Dick; 18:24.1

3rd: Daniel Ordaz; 19:10.4


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Katelyn Wasson; 19:50.9

2nd: Lauren Rinehart; 20:28.9

3rd: Lydia Moore; 20:55.2


Top Fundraisers:


1st: Gregg Delong; $600.00

2nd: Tim Weber; $455.00

3rd: Lisa Kayes; $215.00



1st: Dell Technologies and Friends; $2,098.00

2nd: Haut Family; $966.00

3rd: Kayes Family; $590.00


Thank you to all who participated, fundraised, and supported the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll! It is because of your support and generosity that the Joseph Maley Foundation can continue to serve children of ALL abilities. 

 A final thank you to our 2019 Run, Walk, Roll donors!

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A Critical Time: An Interview with Dr. Katherine Soe

For our second blog post of the week (surprise!) – JMF brings you another interview from one of our HOPE Program speakers, Dr. Katherine Soe. Dr. Soe is currently completing her residency training in pediatrics, adult psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry at Indiana University. She is another highly valuable asset to HOPE, and JMF feels lucky to have her not only speak for our mental health program, but also advocate for the foundation as a whole. Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Soe, and her advice for how to begin the conversation of mental health with your child.

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HOPE: Where We’re Going with Allison Cappella

As Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, the Joseph Maley Foundation knows it is necessary to continue the conversation about mental health.  With this knowledge, we look toward the future of mental health education in central Indiana, and sit down with JMF’s newest staff member, Allison Capella, for our last blog of the week. We speak with Allison about her goals for HOPE and why she believes that mental health education is still so incredibly important for our local youth.

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Love and Kindness: Ayden Jent on disABILITY Awareness

For our second disABILITY Awareness themed blog post of the month, we’d like to introduce Ayden Jent. Ayden speaks for the Joseph Maley disABILITY Awareness program, and is a 2016 Rio U.S. Paralympian. In this weeks blog, Ayden shares how he came to find the Joseph Maley Foundation, and why he continues to support the disABILITY Awareness Program.

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Meet Hopper: A Therapy Dog To Be

Events Manager, Courtney Basso and her family have welcomed a new, furry addition to their home, and to the JMF family as well! Hopper, a hopeful therapy dog, is a comforting (and adorable) new presence at the Joseph Maley Foundation. In this week’s blog post, we’ve asked Courtney to introduce Hopper, and to give some insight on what exactly a therapy dog is, and how Hopper can impact JMF.

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Saturday Stories

I’ve always been a sucker for a good story. I think maybe it was because my dad had so many – the kind of stories that make you belly-laugh and spend the after-dinner portion of a holiday begging for a re-telling, if only to stave off that sink full of dishes for a half hour longer.

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Doing What’s Necessary: Melanie Evans, Dr. Kosmas Kayes Educator’s Scholarship Recipient 2018

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means we are preparing for the second semester of the school year with our program partners. As our program staff jumps back into the classroom, the Joseph Maley Foundation would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the educators – the teachers, counselors, and administrators, who work so tirelessly to impact their students in a meaningful way.

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2018 Run, Walk, Roll Recap

The 2018 Run, Walk, Roll hit several milestones as the Joseph Maley Foundation celebrates ten years of impact. The first 10-mile course was introduced, and many people joined us for the first time.

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