Disability Awareness

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Disability Awareness teaches students about disabilities, and the power of acceptance, empathy, and respect for all.

Developed by our team of educators and revised annually, Disability Awareness teaches youth in preKindergarten through twelfth grade with a developmentally appropriate, standards-based curriculum.

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Disability Awarness Program
Disability Awarness Program
Disability Awarness Program


PreK Everybody Plays
Kindergarten Everybody is Different
Grade 1 Everybody Needs Help
Grade 2 Uniquely Me: Blindness and Visual Impairment
Grade 3 Living With a Disability
Grade 4 Everybody Learning Differently: Learning Disabilities
Grade 5 The Person Behind What You Hear


Grade 6 Breaking Down Barriers
Grade 7 Invisible Disabilities
Grade 8 Understanding Autism

High School

Grades 9-10 Communicating Differently: Deafness and Hearing Loss
Grades 11-12 Our Voices, Our Stories

Core program elements include, but are not limited to, comprehensive curriculum guides, thematic and engaging lessons, recorded Joseph Maley Foundation puppet shows and Joseph Maley Foundation speakers, program planning meetings with Foundation staff, ongoing program support, and much more!

If you are interested in bringing Disability Awareness to your school, please contact Lead Education Manager, Stephanie Becher at sbecher@josephmaley.org

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“The puppet shows were great! I got so much awesome feedback from teachers and I was very impressed with the questions the kids asked too!”

– Nicole Newman, Counselor, Maple Glen

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for creating this wonderful Disability Awareness program! We are having so many amazing moments and conversations, and finding connections right here in our community.”

– Carol Grimes, Assistant Principal, St. Mark

“The puppet shows were great! I got so much awesome feedback from teachers and I was very impressed with the questions the kids asked too!” –

-Ellie Blangiardo, Teacher, Allisonville Elementary

“After having the whole of spring break to reflect on our Disability Awareness week, I am still amazed at the work you all do. Thank you so much for providing us with the ability to learn about those with different abilities. All week long, we heard nothing but good things from the teachers about the lessons provided, the quality of speakers and puppet presentations. We are blessed by your work!”

– Justin Griswold, Counselor, St. Simon

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