Joseph’s legacy and the Joseph Maley Foundation empower children to know they can have a positive impact in the world

Joseph Maley was a young man who accepted all without judgment. Born with physical and cognitive disabilities, and never having the ability to speak, he nonetheless touched others with his resilience, spirit, smile, and hugs. Joseph planted the seeds of acceptance in the individuals he encountered.

Joseph passed away at age 18 from leukemia, but his legacy lives on through the Joseph Maley Foundation, started in 2008 by his parents—John and Vivian—and brothers—Tony, Dominic, Frank, and Gino. Established with the mission of serving children of all abilities, the Foundation inspires individuals to accept and serve others.

Today, the Foundation encompasses five programs that serve the whole child and those who directly affect the child, including parents, siblings, friends, educators, health professionals, and community leaders.  Our programs impart:

  • Disability awareness to schools and organizations;
  • Mental, physical, and emotional health understanding to children;
  • IEP and special education advocacy to connect families and educators;
  • Sibling workshops which provide an environment to discuss shared experiences;
  • Adaptive and inclusive athletics to all children;
  • Service-learning opportunities for individuals within their community;
  • Acceptance of all through puppets in a relaxed environment for conversation;
  • Comfort to parents navigating infant loss.

Joseph’s spirit is manifested in each program.  His legacy and this Foundation empower children to know they can have a positive impact in the world.  The Joseph Maley Foundation continues to plant seeds and grow miracles in the children and families who participate in our programs.