Even though the 11th annual Run, Walk, Roll has passed us by, we’re STILL so excited about all the great moments and memories that were made at this year’s race! We want to make sure that you can share in those moments as well, so for this week’s blog post, we’re shouting out our top race performers, top fundraisers, and sharing some of the wonderful photos from race day. 

Don’t forget to check out all of the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll results, as well as  the great photos made available to us free of charge through the generosity of Kemper and Son Photography, and Gino Maley. 



Top Race Performers:


Top Male Finishers:

1st: Paul Domenech; 56:34

2nd: Jack Kovach; 59:07

3rd: Colin Chambers; 1:01:24


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Kendra Champion-Mcalo; 1:13:44

2nd: Rachel Wentworth; 1:15:12

3rd: Mary Anna Wehrle; 1:18:05


5k Elite:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Thomas Anderson; 14:45.8

2nd: Jeremy Craven; 15:01.7

3rd: Caleb Kerr; 15:08.9


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Sydney Meyers; 17:12.13

2nd: Anna Weber; 17:19.2

3rd: Lucy Hilarides; 18:28.8


5k Open:

Top Male Finishers:

1st: Cameron Harless; 18:22.4

2nd: Brad Dick; 18:24.1

3rd: Daniel Ordaz; 19:10.4


Top Female Finishers:

1st: Katelyn Wasson; 19:50.9

2nd: Lauren Rinehart; 20:28.9

3rd: Lydia Moore; 20:55.2


Top Fundraisers:


1st: Gregg Delong; $600.00

2nd: Tim Weber; $455.00

3rd: Lisa Kayes; $215.00



1st: Dell Technologies and Friends; $2,098.00

2nd: Haut Family; $966.00

3rd: Kayes Family; $590.00


Thank you to all who participated, fundraised, and supported the 2019 Run, Walk, Roll! It is because of your support and generosity that the Joseph Maley Foundation can continue to serve children of ALL abilities. 

 A final thank you to our 2019 Run, Walk, Roll donors!