I Became a Mom through Adoption

As November is Adoption Awareness month, one of our own shares her heartwarming story on adopting her son.

I’m a mom. I’m an adoptive mom, a biological mom, a teacher-mom, a godmother. I have a mother heart beating in my chest, pumping a mother beat through my veins every day, every night. Other mothers of every kind, you know what I mean.

My journey as a mom has been amazing. Never typical and always surprising me, teaching me, stretching me so my heart can grow. Of course, there is much that’s ahead of me and a million things happening right now. For a moment though I’ll share a little about where I’ve been.


My husband and I were teachers. I fell in love with those kids I taught. How could I not? They depended on me, and they were each amazing little people. I learned as a teacher, all of us are. But year after year a seed was growing inside of me… that need to be a mom to my own beautiful little people forever, not limited to the 180 days of the school year. Year after year, pregnancy test after pregnancy test, nothing. This was hard.

But then, there was light. Another seed started growing. The adoptive mom seed. It was firmly planted and it grew fast. My husband was with me, and life took over. The universe shifted and this new path was laid out before us. Before we knew it we had a beautiful baby in our arms, in our home. Don’t get me wrong, there were obstacles on the adoptive mom path too; a lot of waiting and a lot of stretching. We had to learn a whole new level of faith. We had to learn a whole new level of humble. We had to totally let go of expectations and control.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.