Co-founders Vivian and John Maley sat down recently to answer a few questions about the Joseph Maley Foundation…where it has been, what is happening in 2018 and what they see in JMF’s future.

What Joseph Maley Foundation dates hold special significance for you?

Vivian: Now that we are in our tenth year there are several, but the most significant ones would be the date we began the Joseph Maley Foundation and, of course, Joseph’s birthday, which is July 6th.  Opening our Center in 2012 was a tremendous milestone as well.


Do you have a favorite piece of JMF swag?

Vivian: I love our blankets, but we will be ordering baseball tees and pajama bottoms this fall so they may edge the blankets out.

John: The original JMF wristband, I never take it off.


“Serving Children of All Abilities.” Why that particular mission statement? 

Vivian: I knew we wanted to serve children…all children, but I wanted to keep our mission broad enough to allow for creativity and growth of programs.  These past ten years we have served more than 70,000 children across our programs so I believe we fulfill our mission in extraordinarily unique ways.

John: Within the broad mission, we serve children with disabilities along with children who assist in our programs, helping to develop a generation of new servant leaders.


A student recently asked, “What is your favorite program?” What was your response to that?

That’s like asking a mother or father to pick their favorite child…

Vivian: disABILITY Awareness has a special place in my heart because it was our first (started before JMF was JMF, almost 20 years ago), but I love that each program provides children with the opportunity to have a positive impact in the world.

John: Joseph Maley Fitness because it provides unique opportunities to enjoy sports and to develop self-confidence.


Describe the overall impact of the Joseph Maley Foundation you see from your vantage points as co-founders. 

Vivian and John: Quantitatively we have served more than 70,000 children in our community. Qualitatively we have empowered a generation of students to be more accepting and respectful of all others in celebration of our differences.


What has evolved/happened over the last ten years that you least expected?

Vivian and John: Everything. It is humbling to see how invested people are in what we are doing.  From an incredible staff and dedicated Board to every volunteer, program partner, sponsor, and donor. Every milestone has been earned with dedication and care.


2018 is a year of celebrating within the Foundation.  What are you looking forward to the most in the next six months?

Vivian: Upcoming events.  Our Tenth Annual Run, Walk, Roll on Saturday July 14th, the Golf Outing on September 21st, and I’m very excited to celebrate with staff, Board, and all of our Joseph Maley Foundation friends at the Butterfly Ball—a capstone event for the year held November 3rd at the Ritz Charles.


JMF is fortunate to have a number of community partnerships with other organizations and nonprofits. Why are they valuable?

Vivian: At the Joseph Maley Foundation we believe that building equity in our community is paramount.  Collaborating with other organizations ensures successful realization of our mission.


What happens next?

John:  Job one is to keep doing what we are doing, and doing it well.  Our goal is to broaden our reach within existing programs.


What is one thing the reader can do today to serve children of all abilities?

Vivian: Contact the Joseph Maley Foundation at and we will get you started.

John: Sign up for our Tenth Annual Run, Walk, Roll on July 14th.