In our last blog post, we challenged you and your family to create a vision board for the new school year. A vision board can serve as a way for you to identify your long-term goals, and inspire you to achieve them. Now that you’ve taken the time to acknowledge those big dreams, we want to challenge you to take some time to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals!

You know the feeling that accompanies finally crossing a to-do item off your list? Feels pretty great, right? Well, we want you to feel that sense of accomplishment every day, so you can build your confidence and find empowerment in all the good work you’re doing, no matter how “small”.

That’s why our second activity for back to school is: creating a daily habit tracker!

A daily habit tracker can help you achieve short-term and long-term goals, and can be any “size” goal you’d like! For example, you may want to “be in bed before 9pm every night” and also “learn to make lasagna.”

Achieving your goals is not the result of a one-off transformation, but a habitual practice and the product of daily habits and skills. Cultivating them will help you to achieve larger goals.

Your first step? Making your goal/habit list. You can record it in a journal, on your computer, or in the template we provided HERE.

Using the tracker (or your own journal) write in the habit(s) you want to adopt, and then each day you achieve it, mark it off. Don’t be too worried if you miss a day here or there. The feeling of checking the box off every day, though, is very rewarding – and also the key to helping you achieve bigger goals and dreams. Start the list off small. Start with maybe only one new habit, and expand it and challenge yourself as you realize just how much power you have.

You can find an example of a habit tracker below. If you want to share YOUR habit tracker with us, send your photos to



Blog written and researched by Communications Associate, Lauren Maley