Curious about how JMF fared in the first round of Brackets for Good? Excited to find out what’s next? Read on to see how you can help serve children of all abilities through this competitive giving tournament.

The conclusion to round one of Brackets for Good on Friday evening was pure heart-pounding excitement. JMF was honored to compete against Agape Therapeutic Riding, and this matchup resulted in each of our organizations raising more than $20,000 for our missions. When the buzzer sounded at 7:59.59 PM, you all helped the Joseph Maley Foundation score 25,603 points to serve children of all abilities and pushed us into the second round of nonprofit fundraising madness. Thank you for your incredible effort!

One of our favorite aspects of Brackets for Good is cultivating relationships with new nonprofits to support one another with programs. Oftentimes, we find new groups to include in our Service Day programming, new resources to support our network in JMFamily Advocacy and HOPE, mentors for our Junior Board members, and engaging opportunities for our JMFitness athletes. Needless to say, we look forward to collaborating with Agape in the near future.

As we compete in round two of Brackets for Good, our goals remain the same: to garner support for our seven programs, to increase our impact in serving children of all abilities in 2017, and to strengthen our existing partnerships with other organizations (and start some new ones!) through positive interactions throughout the tournament.

There is no real change to the game plan this week. You know we’ll give you the play-by-play on our social media channels and share strategies over email. In the meantime, check out our matchup and keep any eye on our score versus TechPoint Foundation for Youth here: MATCHUP. Feel free to email Maggie at with any questions.

Let’s have a great week of competitive giving – go Team JMF!

Post written by Maggie Mestrich, Development Director