Alfie Hernandez is the Assistant Athletic Director at Guerin Catholic High School, as well as the Master Facilities Planning Consultant for Washington Township. He enjoys hanging out with his family, golfing, and sitting on JMF’s Board of Directors! Alfie has been with the Joseph Maley Foundation since the very beginning, and is a top-notch problem solver. Keep reading to learn about Alfie’s thoughts for the future of JMF, and his memories from the beginning.

You’ve been with JMF since the very beginning – why is the Foundation and our mission so important to you?

The Hernandez Boys and the Maley Boys go way back — prior to the Foundation. It was a natural fit that my family would be involved with helping in whatever capacity we could.  Serving children of ALL abilities could easily be serving families of all abilities. 

As someone who has sat on the Run, Walk, Roll committee year after year, how have you seen this event evolve?

Welp…we have learned a lot since that first year! Anyone that was there would tell you that! I remember walking up at Eagle Creek to get my race number when Vivian pulled me aside to ask if I had any pens to spare. After running back to my car and grabbing every writing utensil I could find, I quickly found myself on the other side of the table and became a member of the first annual JMF Run, Walk, Roll registration committee!  

What image comes to mind when you think of JMF?

Family! I always tell everyone that asks about JMF that it’s a family affair!

What do you most look forward to for JMF in coming year?

It’s amazing to see the growth that the Foundation has had every year! Looking ahead, I don’t see that slowing down. I also look forward to that random phone call, text or email from someone in search of: cones, tables, tents, chairs, a generator, tent weights, sandwich boards…whatever is needed! 

Finally, this is our year of stories – what’s your favorite JMF story?

I look back fondly at all of people who volunteered and stepped up in the very beginning to get the Foundation rolling. It was a challenge, but look at it now! Full steam ahead!