JMF board member Jared Applegate is an employee at Barnes and Thornburg LLP, an avid hiker, and loves spending time with his wife and dog! Jared believes deeply in community engagement and volunteerism, and has dedicated his time to serve on the Joseph Maley Foundation’s board. Find out how Jared came to know the Joseph Maley Foundation, and why he has continued to support our mission and programs over the years.

How did you come to find out about the Joseph Maley Foundation?

Professionally, I was formerly with a regional bank that moved into Indianapolis. We moved in as a tenant to the Barnes & Thornburg building in downtown Indy. Within the first several weeks of moving into the building we heard about the Joseph Maley Foundation’s Fall Luncheon that was happening in the building. I personally thought that the values of JMF aligned with my personal values and we – the bank – made a donation to JMF without actually knowing John, Vivian or other members of the Foundation. After the Luncheon, John and Vivian introduced themselves and as you can say, the ‘rest is history’.

Why did you join JMF’s Board of Directors?

I have always believed in the values of the Joseph Maley Foundation, and have appreciated the caring and thoughtfulness that the Maley family shares with others. I am not from Indianapolis, but a small town in southern Indiana. Where I grew up, you helped those in need and donated your time to the community that you lived in. That ‘hands on’, ‘roll up your sleeves’, ‘help others’, ethic has carried forward into my adult life. When I saw JMF, I saw those same values in their board and staff members, who came together  to serve children of ALL abilities. Naturally, I gravitated to the organization. Being a transplant to the area, both John and Vivian helped me personally through any struggles I had as a young adult, and gave me extra support when I needed it.

You’ve spent a lot of time volunteering for our annual Run, Walk, Roll – what’s your favorite part of this event?

The Run, Walk, Roll is a great family friendly event. My favorite part of the event is our ability to:

  • Interact with other charities and nonprofits like Back on My Feet, etc.
  • Bring more students – through high school running teams – into the JMF fold, as the race is so competitive.
  • Provides a great avenue to introduce new individuals to JMF’s mission and values.

JMF runs on the idea of “family-first”, is your family also involved in JMF?

Yes, my wife Lyndee has served on several event committees with JMF. My immediate family has also attended numerous events and donated their time to work as volunteers.

What do you want others to know about JMF?

The Joseph Maley Foundation is making a difference across central Indiana, and its impact is far-reaching. JMF’s programs are uniquely geared to help create a culture of inclusivity by engaging ALL. A good example is the Joseph Maley Family Support Siblings Workshops & Camps. This program is unique and ‘real world’ impacting by providing children who have a sibling with a disability a safe – and fun – learning environment. It is such an impactful program.

Finally, why does JMF’s mission matter to YOU?

Education and advocacy through understanding only happens if we are striving to serve those in need and those supporting others in need. It takes a village to serve and that means inclusivity. As someone from small town Indiana where “community matters”, there is no other organization I would want to spend my time, talent, and treasure with.