Kert Toler is one of JMF’s newest board members! Kert loves to coach and play soccer, and enjoys both his time outdoors, and his time with family. Keep reading to find out why Kert joined JMF’s board, and why he continues to support our mission, “serving children of ALL abilities”.

This is your first year sitting on the Joseph Maley Foundation’s Board of Directors. Why did you join the board, and how has the experience been so far?  

I joined JMF’s Board of Directors to become part of something greater than myself. I feel privileged to be a part of an organization like the Joseph Maley Foundation, and share a seat on the board with some of the most fascinating people. I also wanted to help in any way I could in order to serve the mission of JMF. The experience has been great so far. I know – and feel – that I am part of something special with JMF.

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?  

I hope to be able to share the Joseph Maley Foundation mission with as many people as possible. To experience and witness some of the many wonderful things JMF offers our community is too great not to share.    

Why does JMF and its mission matter to YOU?  

I’ve come to understand that everyone has different gifts and challenges in their lives.  It means a lot to me to be able to provide opportunities and resources for people of all abilities and backgrounds. We all need support in our lives, but sadly, there are some who do not have resources of support available to them. JMF is a foundation that fills those needs, and gives that support.

If you could describe JMF in one word what would it be, and why? 


How would you encourage others to get involved with JMF?  

The best way to get involved is just by sharing with others the impact JMF has had on so many people. I feel that once people know what the Joseph Maley Foundation is about, they will feel excited and empowered to get involved.