As we continue JMF’s year of stories, we want to share with you all the unique stories of our board members. Why they came to support JMF, why they stay, and why they dedicate their time to serving children of all abilities. For our first board member blog post we asked Mike Fox, one of our newest members, to share his journey to JMF.

How did you come to find out about the Joseph Maley Foundation? 

Growing up together in Richmond, I have known John Maley since grade school and Vivian since high school. I knew Joseph but not nearly as well as many others did.  When the Foundation was founded I knew I wanted to help or be involved at some level.  Unfortunately, my schedule was very full with job, family and other responsibilities.

Why did you join JMF’s Board of Directors?

I have known for years that if I ever had the time, I wanted to get involved with JMF at some level. Recently, my professional life took a major direction change so I now have the time. I contacted John and Vivian and within minutes, Vivian called me  and asked me to come in for a chat.  Next thing you know I am on the JMF Board and ready to help in any way I can. She is pretty persuasive but I was an easy sell. Perhaps I can use my background to offer a different perspective to JMF and connect JMF to potential organizations that will benefit both groups.

What does the mission “serving children of all abilities” mean to you?

It’s pretty simple but to me it means inclusion at every level. At some level, I believe the majority of kids, and adults, have some sort of need be it emotional, physical, temporary or permanent. JMF says “it’s ok” and we are here to help you with whatever it might be.

What do you most look forward to during your time as a board member?

Giving back. I have had a great career professionally. Very lucky to do what I did for so many years. Now, I am at a time in my life when I have the opportunity to give back and I want to make the most of it. I would really like to be a part of the group that puts JMF in a solid position for growth into the future.

At JMF we ask this question a lot – what is your Why JMF? Why do you choose to support us, and what about JMF makes us unique?  

Simply stated, John and Vivian are two of my favorite people. John and I grew up together and that is a special connection.  So initially, that was my reason for getting involved.  Then I attended the first board meeting and I saw all of the wonderful people on the staff and both the Junior Board and “Adult” Board and it makes me more driven to do whatever I can for JMF.

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