For our first board member blog post of the month, we’d like to introduce Tim Weber. Tim is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in trauma, and works within the orthopaedic group, OrthoIndy. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, and has helped JMF develop our run2gether program. Keep reading to learn why Tim supports JMF, and why he thinks others should too.

How did you come to find out about the Joseph Maley Foundation?

Through my close friend Tom Wadelton.

You were instrumental in helping JMF create our run2gether initiative, can you speak to that experience, and why you have such a great interest in run2gether?

Tom Wadelton and I came up with the idea together. Helping kids see a start line and a finish line that they wouldn’t otherwise, is the best ever.

JMF runs on the idea of “family-first”, is your family also involved in JMF?

Yes, my youngest daughter interned for JMF two summers ago, and my oldest daughter has been a Crew Member for a few different Captains in the run2gether initiative.

Why does JMF and its mission matter to YOU?

The more aware we ALL are of disabilities, the better our world will be. It helps to break down the barriers to kindness and inclusion.

This is our year of stories – what’s your favorite JMF story?

I love how supportive Vivian was when I brought the idea to her of run2gether, although this did not exist, she was all in. It seemed like such a huge leap, yet she never flinched, just grabbed the ball and ran with it.