Chatting with our Junior Board

Our Junior Board of Directors is comprised of students in grades 8-12, who have a passion for service-learning and leadership. Junior Board members come from schools all over central Indiana, and support JMF’s mission to serve children of ALL abilities.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 Junior Board of Directors! Students can find the application, and additional information about our Junior Board HERE.

Keep reading to hear from some current Junior Board members about why they joined the board, and why they love JMF!

A.J. Black (He/Him/His), Park Tudor High School, Freshman

How did you first learn about JMF and the Junior Board?

I discovered JMF and the Junior Board through a school event. One of my middle school teachers is a member of JMF’s Board of Directors, and he recommended the Foundation as a great way to give back to the community. After spending a week in school learning about JMF and what they do, I was immediately drawn to their message to give kids the best childhood possible, and realizing my own luck concerning my own childhood, I knew this was something I needed to do.

What about the Junior Board do you most engage with – what interests you the most about it?

My main interest in the Junior Board is its purpose itself, to help the Joseph Maley Foundation fulfill its mission. To me that means helping children live their best lives no matter their circumstances. I’ve always wanted to give back, to help others achieve their fullest potential, and the Junior Board is an outlet for me to achieve that goal.

How do you think the Junior Board will influence your school and extracurricular pursuits?

My love and passion for the Junior Board has led me to pursue other opportunities to involve myself in the community. Above anything and everything, I believe in giving back, so my successes in the Junior Board will most assuredly influence me to pursue other community service opportunities.

What skills do you think you’re using the most through the Junior Board?

I believe I use my determination and leadership skills the most often as a Junior Board member. My determination leads me to accomplish whatever task is assigned to me, and to go above and beyond to help. In these assigned tasks as well as Junior Board in totality, I