We recently sat down with Carson Cox, JMF Junior Board member and school-year intern, to hear about her involvement with JMF and specifically this year’s Chili Cook-Off.

Q: What is your name and how are you involved with the Joseph Maley Foundation?

Carson: My name is Carson Cox, and I am a current JMF Junior Board Member. I have been with the Junior Board for four years now, and every single year brings more joy to my life! This year, I have also become the JMF school-year intern as well, which has been a blast! I have loved both of these roles in the foundation, and I hope my involvement continues to grow.

Q: As a Junior Board member, what sort of things do you all do to serve children of all abilities?

Carson: As a Junior Board, we are in charge of facilitating fundraisers for the foundation such as a bowling night, an annual chili cook-off, and more! Also we participate in service days around the community and acquire grants for the foundation as well that can be put into our programs to further serve. Each of the committees of the junior board is crucial, and all together we are able to accomplish immense heights for children of all abilities.

Q: Recently, the Junior Board planned and hosted the annual Chili Cook-Off… Can you tell us about the night?

Carson: Recently JMF had our annual Chili Cook-off, and what a night it was! This fundraiser was an opportunity for the Junior Board and the board of directors to go head-to-head in friendly, yet fierce competition for the best chili recipe. It’s all fun and games until someone wins Best Chili. This year Best Chili went to Tom Spreacker, when he won both people’s choice and judge’s choice for “When Smoke Meets Chili.” Hunter Lang won Mr. Chili for his third year in a row, and Mrs. Chili went to Vera Vander Kooy. The winner of “Best Presentation” was the Junior Board team called “Netflix in Chili,” which was quite clever in my opinion. After a night of fun and good food, the junior board raised nearly $2,000 to help children of all abilities. That is definitely an accomplishment to be shared with pride.

Q: What was your favorite part of the evening?

Carson: My favorite part of the evening was the awards portion because it is always nice to see a person’s hard work to support a great cause get noticed. Also, it is always fun to have the entire Foundation, Junior Board and Board of Directors, come together to support one effort. It truly is a sight to see.

Q: Which chili or team was your favorite and why?

Carson: My favorite chili team was “Netflix and Chili” because it was a super creative theme and quite funny for high schoolers to see. Also, since I am on the Junior Board, I am a little bit biased towards the members of my incredible Board.

Q: How did the Chili Cook-Off impact JMF?

Carson: The Chili Cook-off impacted JMF because it raised money andĀ support for the foundation to further “serve children of all abilities.” Also, it allowed for many families and friends to come to the event and see all that JMF does for children and support and join the effort. This was especially great for first-time visitors and people who maybe didn’t know all that much about what we did. This further spread JMF’s message, which is always an incredible impact.

Q: What is on the docket for future Junior Board events and fundraising activities?

Carson: As for the future, you know the Junior Board is already hard at work preparing new events and fundraisers. We plan to have a bowling night, a tie dye tent for the JMF 5K packet pick-up, a 3 v 3 basketball tournament, and so much more! Stay tuned and get ready for an amazing rest of the year with JMF and the Junior Board!

Blog written by: Carson Cox, Junior Board Member and JMF Intern