What started as a friendly, neighborly meeting of locals blossomed into dedicated support and commitment. John Maley was wearing the bright green Joseph Maley Foundation bracelet when he met Christie McClurg. From there, a brief explanation about the Foundation’s mission and programs, turned into an at-home deep dive for Christie: “I watched a video where John and Vivian laid out a very detailed map of how things happened and their passion…after hearing that story how could we not get behind the Foundation?”

Christie and her husband, Dr. Joel McClurg, both come from professional medical backgrounds, and with several school-age kids of their own, the goals of Joseph Maley Foundation’s Disability Awareness, advocacy, and adaptive programs speak volumes to her. “It can make a big, big impact on a child’s life. We teach our kids that mission…we really feel it and believe it.”

With a busy life of work and raising her children, Christie has been a passionate donor for Joseph Maley Foundation, seeing the importance and impact of the Foundation on the Greater Indianapolis area even though they live in a different city. “What [the Foundation] is doing for that area is exceptional.” The programming the Foundation offers in schools matches with the heart and tone of what she teaches her own children.

Joseph Maley Foundation is able to provide programming to the Greater Indianapolis area with the help of our generous donors, like Christie and Joel. Thanks to this financial support, Joseph Maley Foundation is able to create cutting-edge, in-depth, and deeply impactful programs for youth. Great things happen when we work together. This holiday season, please consider making a donation to Joseph Maley Foundation. Your gift empowers youth to live our mission and be inclusive leaders in our community.