The holidays are here, but for many people, this year’s celebrations might look very different. These holidays will see less hugs, food, and laughter given – but we hope it won’t see less kindness.

Though it’s been a remarkably difficult year, the Joseph Maley Foundation believes that giving kindness is more important now than ever. This year we are challenging each member of our community to give kindness¬†to one another.

To help you on that endeavor, we’ve listed some creative and meaningful ways that you can Give Kindness this holiday season:

  1. Donate to a charity in the name of someone you love
  2. Volunteer (remotely) for a cause you care about
  3. Write a letter or a postcard and mail it to someone you miss
  4. Give yourself some kindness! Take a nap, read a book, spend time outside, take a bath, or find a fun way to pamper yourself
  5. Call an old friend out of the blue
  6. Text the people you miss and tell them you miss them
  7. Make home-made crafted cards to send out
  8. Start a group email thread for funny memes or fun articles with your friends
  9. Video call loved ones
  10. Donate clothing you don’t wear anymore
  11. Google corny jokes, and text them out to your friends and family
  12. Give a stranger a compliment
  13. Ask people if they need help with anything
  14. Check in on people and genuinely ask how they are doing
  15. Tell people you love that you love them
  16. Reminisce about fun times and good memories with your family and friends
  17. Send a song that reminds you of someone to them
  18. Tell people you are thinking of them
  19. Keep an open mind and heart
  20. Treat others the way you want to be treated


How are you Giving Kindness this year? Let us know!


Blog written by Development Associate, Lauren Maley