Today’s blog comes to us from Junior Board member, Emily Schommer, a senior at Cathedral High School. As we prepare for Saturday’s Pancake-a-Palooza, check out Emily’s experiences with JMF.

I have learned from my parents to always respect and serve others by example. Being a part of this magnificent foundation has taught me many important life lessons. Growing up, I delved into a life of service through my school, St. Monica, and the Joseph Maley Foundation. I participated in Service Days (serving at food pantries), activism (through the disABILITY Awareness program), the JMFriends puppet troupe, JMF 5Ks, and more Service Days. During eighth grade graduation, I received an award from JMF and an invitation to the Junior Board. I joined of course!

Upon joining the Junior Board, I learned everything behind the art of philanthropy. I worked as part of the Fundraising Committee, and started selling tickets for fundraisers, brainstorming new ideas, set-ups, teardowns, and going to meetings. It is so great to feel a belonging to a group of people and a responsibility to the Foundation. I get to meet new people from different schools and work with them to make Indy a better place for all.

Through all of this I also participate in a few of the wonderful programs JMF has to offer. I truly respect all people that walk through that door to learn, teach, work, provide, serve, and come together as a family. If there is one take away it is to respect and love human life. Period.

Post written by: Emily Schommer, Junior Board member