With only a few weeks left in 2020, the Joseph Maley Foundation is looking forward to a new year of serving children of ALL abilities. To prepare for the future ahead, we’ve outlined our Butterfly Wishes for the Foundation. They are:

AWARENESS: Through your financial support, YOU amplify our voice as we teach acceptance, respect, empathy, dignity, and kindness to children in central Indiana.

ACCEPTANCE: With your donation, together we can continue to build a community that welcomes ALL, and celebrate the differences that make each of us unique.

INCLUSION: Our greatest wish is to be a community leader in building an equitable society. Your gift guides our future, and TOGETHER we can reach this goal.

Now that we’ve shared OUR wishes, we want to know what YOUR hopes and wishes are for the new year. For this week’s blog, we created a fun activity for your family and friends to do that we hope will help you set your “wishlist” for 2021 – a printable coloring sheet! While coloring in your butterflies with others, talk about what your Butterfly Wishes are! When you’re done with your butterflies, send your colored-in pictures to aubrey@josephmaley.org and we’ll showcase some on our social media accounts!

My Butterfly Wishes Coloring Sheet Download


Blog written by Communications Associate, Gino Maley