The Joseph Maley Foundation is ready to tip-off in the first round of the 2018 Brackets for Good tournament! We are celebrating ten years of impact in 2018, and you can assist us in winning $10,000.00 to serve children of all abilities during this milestone year!

What is Brackets for Good?

Brackets for Good is a single-elimination fundraising tournament for nonprofit organizations, set up like the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Nonprofits are matched up one-on-one, and the organization with the most points at the end of a round progresses to the next. The Joseph Maley Foundation keeps all donations made to us via Brackets for Good throughout the tournament, with the grand prize of $10,000.00 for winning the championship. The 2018 Brackets for Good Tournament tips off on Friday, March 2nd at 8 PM.  Rounds 1-4 last one week each, with the final two rounds condensed into three days.

How do I play?

The winning strategy is simple:  score more points than our competitor each week.  Each dollar donated through Brackets for Good equals one point.  Here is your playbook:

  1. Lace up your sneakers by creating your donor profile and receive five Free Throws to donate to the Joseph Maley Foundation, courtesy of Lids, Inc.  This is #LidsHighFives play and you can check out the details here.
  2. Scan the whole bracket, or you can zoom into our first round match-up against the American Pianists Association.
  3. New for 2018, you can make your predictions and build your own bracket which gives you the chance to win an additional $50 for the Joseph Maley Foundation.
  4. Click the cart and SCORE! Remember 1 point = $1 to serve children of all abilities.
  5. Keep an eye on the scoreboard. The game gets intense as the round closes – Round 1 will finish Friday, March 9th at 7:59:59 PM.
    1. Coach’s Corner:  Buzzer Beaters are key!  They allow you to double your donation in the critical last seconds of the round.
  6. Repeat as often as necessary and spread the word to push the Joseph Maley Foundation to the championship. Tag us on social media as you play with @JosephMaleyJMF, #Celebrate10, and #BFG18.

We will see everyone on the court on March 2nd at 8 PM!