JMF board member blogs are back! After a brief hiatus, we bring to you an interview with board member extraordinaire, (let’s be honest, they’re ALL extraordinary) Dan Kindler. Dan is a CPA with DeWitt & Shrader P.C., and enjoys golfing, playing tennis, and watching his favorite sports teams (go Hoosiers!). Keep reading to learn about Dan’s hopes for the future of JMF, and why he loves and supports our mission “serving children of ALL abilities”.

How long have you been a board member, and why did you initially join the board?

This is my third year as a board member and my second as Treasurer. I had been working with JMF for several years preparing the annual tax filing when Vivian asked if I’d like to join the board. I was excited about the opportunity to be part of an organization that was having such a positive impact on the community.

Why does JMF and it’s mission matter to YOU?

JMF’s mission matters to me because I truly believe in advocacy for children of all abilities. Growing up, my school did not offer any type of disability awareness programming. As I look back, this type of programming would’ve been quite beneficial.   Additionally, after hearing from some of the families impacted by JMF, it’s easy to understand the importance of the work being done.

What is something about JMF that you think is unique?

I think the atmosphere at JMF is unique. John and Vivian make everyone at the Foundation feel like family. From the board members, to the staff, to the volunteers, I think this atmosphere makes everyone work harder to fulfill the organization’s mission.

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?

As a board member I hope to continue to grow the Foundation. The reach of JMF is only limited by its resources. My goal is to make sure we have the ability to go into any school in central Indiana that will have us. My hope is that JMF will become a household name in the community and our donor base will continue to expand and facilitate program growth.

JMF runs on the idea of “family-first”, is your family also involved with JMF?

My family and girlfriend have all been to various JMF events. Sammi has been to the Butterfly Tea, Run, Walk, Roll, Holiday Open House, and Butterfly Ball events. She also enjoyed assisting with Butterfly Ball auction items last year. My parents have also attended the Butterfly Ball and Holiday Open House. My Dad participates in and provides sponsorship to the Golf Outing each year.

How would you encourage others to get involved with JMF?

I would encourage others to find out what JMF is all about by attending one of our events or observing one of JMF’s programs in action. Once someone has been exposed to the positive change JMF is making, I think they will be inspired to be a part of the movement!