Barb Bates is a board member at the Joseph Maley Foundation, and has been a frequent fundraiser for the Run, Walk, Roll. Keep reading to learn how Barb has successfully utilized the model of peer-to-peer fundraising, and find out what her tips and tricks are to reach your fundraising goal!

What has your experience been with peer-to-peer fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?  

A few years ago, I was finishing treatment for breast cancer. I told a brief story of my fight, my recovery, and my strive to get active again. My personal situation spoke to others, and I was able to receive a good amount of donations. I haven’t had the same success since, but I continue to reach out to groups or circles of people who might share my support of JMF.

What awesome tips and tricks you can share with others who may be interested in fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?  

    • Create a fundraising team: people might be more interested in joining a team with you than to individually fundraise.
    • Use a personal story, or a common goal, or interest.
    • Personal Contact: social media works well, but a personal email to small groups, or individuals can work even better.
    • Make and share a money goal: Update your followers and donors about your progress as you receive donations.
    • Suggest corporate matching.


Can you speak to the power of peer-to-peer fundraising?

I believe it is the best way to fundraise. I’ve been reaching out to my close circle of friends and family for several years now, so I try to mix it up. People in your circles – family, team, colleagues, neighbors, friends – are most likely to support you.  Also encourage those folks to spread the word, and invite others to join them in supporting you. A great thing about JMF’s peer-to-peer fundraising model, is that after registering, your account assists in peer-to-peer communications.

There are many events and races to fundraise for, why JMF?  

JMF is a young and local charity that’s dear to my heart.

Interested in creating a fundraising team for JMF? Register for our Run, Walk, Roll today!