Peer-to-peer fundraising is a major component of the Joseph Maley Foundation’s annual Run, Walk, Roll. The peer-to-peer fundraising model allows for an individual to raise funds for the cause of their choice, by utilizing the relationships they have built in their personal, work, and social groups. When you register for the Run, Walk, Roll, you have the option of registering as a fundraising participant – both as an individual fundraiser, or as a team fundraiser. This week we will be sharing with you a set of mini-blogs by past and present Run, Walk, Roll fundraisers, who will provide insight on the process, and tips and tricks on how to best fundraise using this model! Jordan Kyle, the winner of our inaugural 10-mile race at the 2018 Run, Walk, Roll, shares his take on peer-to-peer fundraising below.

What has your experience been with peer-to-peer fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?

The 2018 Run, Walk, Roll was my first time fundraising for JMF, and it was a blast! I primarily focused on asking my work colleagues if they could donate five dollars for the event. Most people were more than generous and typically gave at least ten.

What awesome tips and tricks can you share with others who may be interested in fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?

  • Inform People: make sure you start by letting them know what JMF is all about. Specify that we support children of ALL abilities. (Need more info about JMF? Visit the Our Story page.)
  • Start Small: most people are willing to donate a nominal amount, say five to ten dollars. Get them to think of their donation in the same monetary value as a Starbucks coffee or a beer – something of low cost that they might frequently buy.
  • Work your network: think of everyone you know – work colleagues, friends, family, former professors, neighbors, clubs you’re in, etc. The more people you ask, the more times you’ll hear “yes”!

Can you speak to the power of peer-to-peer fundraising?

One of the many benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising is that you spread the word of JMF while simultaneously helping to raise money. In addition, peer to peer fundraising allows you to explore more grassroots fundraising opportunities without having to ask for several figure gifts.

There are many events and races to fundraise for, why JMF?

Personally, I believe the purpose, goals, and direction of JMF are driven by the selfless acts of people helping children. In essence, the focus of JMF is pure, and that is hard to come by in today’s world.

Interested in fundraising for JMF? Register for our Run, Walk, Roll today!