Want to try your hand at peer-to-peer fundraising, but not sure if you want to do it on your own? The Joseph Maley Foundation’s Run, Walk, Roll provides the option for individuals to register as a team while fundraising. This method allows you to utilize not only the connections that you have, but the connections of your team, which in turn brings awareness for your cause to a greater audience! Julie Friedman, Director of Programs at the Joseph Maley Foundation, has used this method of peer-to-peer fundraising for years now, and she has some great insight on the process. Keep reading to learn more!

What has your experience been with peer-to-peer fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?

Each year our family creates “Team Lily” for the JMF Run, Walk, Roll. We do this in honor of our youngest daughter Lily, who has a chromosome abnormality called 1p36 deletion syndrome. We try to get as many of Lily’s family, friends, neighbors, therapists and teachers to join the team. We encourage entire families to attend this awesome event. I believe this year will be our fifth year for Team Lily.

What awesome tips and tricks can you share with others who may be interested in fundraising for JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?

We personally try to reach out to as many people as possible to invite them to the event. Personal texts and calls work best. When sending a text, we post the link for registration in the text so it is easy to register. We also post pictures of past events and Lily on social media encouraging people to sign up. This year we may even create a special “Team Lily” t-shirt for all team members to wear. We encourage people to donate towards the team goal even if they are unable to participate in the event.

Can you speak to the power of peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer to peer fundraising is powerful due to personal connections. People want to support loved ones in all that they do.  

There are many events and races to fundraise for, why JMF?

JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll truly encompasses all ages and abilities. Everyone can participate – and that is what makes this event special. For example, my brother’s family can attend with their one-year-old in his stroller and walk alongside my parents while my teenagers run in the 5k race with their friends. There are activities and treats after the event for all ages. It is a special day that we enjoy year after year, as a great way to celebrate our daughter and her successes over the year with loved ones, while supporting an organization that works every day to support children of ALL abilities.

Interested in creating a fundraising team for JMF? Register for our Run, Walk, Roll today!