Teaching acceptance through respect, empathy, and kindness is the core message of Disability Awareness


Acceptance through respect, empathy, and kindness is the core message of Disability Awareness. Throughout the program, students recognize the abilities of all individuals. This in turn brings organic friendship built on understanding for the similarities and differences that exist between all of us, as unique individuals.

In the school setting, the Joseph Maley Foundation offers curriculum that aligns with Indiana Department of Education standards and national standards for preschool through high school students. In addition, professional development opportunities are available for educators to train them to incorporate best practices within their classrooms.

Disability Awareness can take many different forms; participants have the opportunity to:

  • engage with classmates in lessons geared towards compassionate understanding of all;
  • participate in hands-on activities that simulate an experience with a particular disability;
  • listen to speakers who provide first hand knowledge on the topic;
  • enjoy a performance from the Joseph Maley Friends Puppet Troupe;
  • read and discuss books about different disabilities, inclusion, and empathy;
  • participate in service-learning opportunities with local community organizations.

Thjmf-disability-awareness-02e program also collaborates with schools and partners to tailor elements to encompass the needs of their community. The Joseph Maley Foundation provides them with supplemental materials and extensions to continue the conversation throughout the year and at home.

For more information, please submit the inquiry form below or contact disABILITY Awareness Manager, Chelsea McCloskey (cmccloskey@josephmaley.org).

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