Each year, there are scores of families, couples, and friends that attend our Run, Walk, Roll together, so this year, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, JMF is offering a deal that’s as sweet as candy! Anyone who registers for our twelfth annual Run, Walk, Roll on Friday, February 14, will receive a promo code for 1/2 off another registration. Even though this promotion will only be available on Valentine’s Day, it is not exclusively for married or dating pairs only. You can register with a friend, a teammate, a coworker, or a family member. Keep reading to hear from some of the pairs who have participated in JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll in the past, and why they think you should join us for the 2020 race!

Drew and Taylor Gaynor: 

What’s the best part of running with a partner?

Drew: Having someone to talk to.

Taylor: Planning weekends around our long runs and having someone to hold you accountable for your workouts.

Why do you love running?

Drew: It’s good for my health.

Taylor: It is a great stress reliever, and you can run anywhere.

How long have you been participating in the Run, Walk, Roll?

This will be the 3rd year for both of us!

What are you looking forward to for this year’s event?

Drew: Finishing on the track!

Taylor: Watching Drew finish the race. Usually I don’t see him finish because I run at a slower pace. At this race he runs in a separate division, so it is one of the only times during the year I see him cross the finish line.

Would you encourage others to participate in this event with a partner? Why?

Both: Yes, all races are better with a friend, plus this one supports a great cause! We also recommend the Joseph Maley Road Mile race in June. It has a fast course!

Hannah Wleklinski and Lauren Rinehart: Teammates at Zionsville H.S.

What’s the best part of running with a friend? 

Hannah: The best part of running with a friend is sharing the miles with them. It can get hard to persevere through a tough run, but with a friend, the miles go by much faster. It’s nice to have someone to talk with, push you, and even just be a companion on a hard run.

Lauren: I think the best part of running with a friend is feeling as though you can do anything together. It’s crazy how much stronger you feel when you run with other people, whether it’s for competition or just for fun.

Having participated in JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll a few times, what has the experience been like for you, both as an individual, and as a member of a larger team/group?

Hannah: The Run, Walk, Roll is always one of the best parts of our cross country summer training because it’s our first experience running in a race environment for the season. It’s always fun to go to the Run, Walk, Roll with the team because we’re able to test out our training and spend more time running together on a new, fun course.

Lauren: The Run, Walk, Roll is by far one of the best running experiences I have ever had. It’s humbling to see all of the people that show up for such a great cause. It is also so amazing to see how positive everyone is during this incredible event. My team and I have done it for a couple of years now and it really helps to set the tone for our entire season.

What’s your favorite memory from JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll?

Hannah: My favorite memory from the Run, Walk, Roll was going super early with Lauren to help set up and then staying to run the race and enjoy the post-race atmosphere. It was so cool to see how everything came together, and how so many people came out to the race with their friends and family to support JMF.

Lauren: My favorite memory from JMF’s Run, Walk, Roll is probably after the race last year. I was standing at the finish line, giving people high fives on the last lap. It was so amazing to see all the people that showed up, and to see all the smiles that day.

Would you encourage others to participate in this event with a friend? Why?

Hannah: I would definitely encourage others to participate in this event with a friend because it is so fun to celebrate JMF’s mission and community with others. Lauren and I loved spending time at the Run, Walk, and Roll and being a part of what makes JMF so amazing!

Lauren: I would most definitely tell every one to at least try it once. It’s truly an event for everyone and anyone. You can race if you want or just leisurely run, walk, roll – or even skip if you want! It’s a super fun environment with a ton of amazing people. The Joseph Maley Foundation really does a great job of putting on a race that’s for everyone. And there’s popsicles at the end so woot woot!

Register for JMF’s 12th Annual Run, Walk, Roll on Friday, Feb. 14 for 1/2 off an additional registration.