It’s important to remind ourselves in stressful situations that our mental and physical health is important, and that stress can be harmful to us. Taking care of oneself and de-stressing not only feels good, but it’s vitally important to our long-term health. To get some good ideas on how to practice self-care in the face of difficult situations, we reached out to some JMF staff members to get their favorite self-care methods!

Jeanne Spaletto 
Accounting and Stewardship Manager

I feel that taking care of our physical self is an important component in our mental health. I make sure to exercise at least 6 days/week and that includes taking long walks with friends. 

I also enjoy reading at the end of the day.


Julie Friedman
Director of Programs

Long walks with Jeanne, and a good book!


Erica Christie
Director of Education

For self-care, I like to read, take walks, visit with a friend, listen to podcasts or audio books, spend time outside, and work on puzzles.


Stephanie Becher
Education Manager

My best form of self care is working out. I most enjoy walking or jogging with a friend – two forms of self-care in one when that happens: physical and social!


Aubrey Wiest
Communications Manager

For me, self-care can be a lot of things. Recently I’ve enjoyed bubble baths, face masks, and historical romance books. When I lived in the middle of nowhere, rural Ohio, self-care was long, lingering drives in the countryside listening to true crime podcasts. I used to try to get lost and find my way back home without the aid of GPS. I haven’t done that in years, but it was always a fun, calming activity for me. I was always excited to come across small, forgotten cemeteries on the side of the road too. That was my favorite part of those drives.


Lauren Maley
Communications Associate

For self care, I meditate, paint my nails, listen to a podcast, walk in the park, journal, and craft!


Gino Maley
Communications Associate

My favorite forms of self care are playing video games or painting miniatures. Sometimes though, those can become their own form of stress as well. In that case, when everything else seems to be irritating me – I like to retreat to some of my old favorite youtube videos and eat some snacks.



Blog written by Communications Associate, Gino Maley