JMF has been lucky to have a wonderful, long-lasting relationship with INNOVATIVE throughout the years – a firm that has supported us throughout numerous programs, events, and campaigns, and helped us create meaningful messaging. For our Annual Campaign this year, INNOVATIVE has once again offered their time and talent. We interviewed Conrad Piccirillo from INNOVATIVE to help get a better picture on who they are and what they do!

Hello! Thanks for taking the time. Could you introduce yourself to people who may not know you?

Hello, My name is Conrad Piccirillo.  I’m the Chief Disorganizer of a small but mightily integrated marketing firm named INNOVATIVE.


Can you explain your relationship with the Joseph Maley Foundation? How did it start, etc.

It started with a family friendship, and when Joseph and I became friends. He was like a caterpillar that turned into a butterfly every day. Every time we were together I learned something new from him. He had so many challenges but always made your day better, just by being around him and he never complained. Joseph didn’t speak, but he taught me how to listen. Somehow, Joseph could always make you understand how he felt. He would joke with me by pulling my hat off and tossing it aside and then laughing at me. All of this taught me that Joseph was just like me and deserved the same opportunities. And because Joseph couldn’t speak, his family and friends became his voice. They taught others about Joseph and kids like him. Since I have been a storyteller all my life, I felt I could help, that our company could help JMF amplify the voice of all children. And as I’m fond of saying, if there were no children, there would be no adults or people like me pretending to be an adult.


How would you briefly explain what INNOVATIVE does for JMF?

INNOVATIVE helps the Joseph Maley Foundation with their design, development, and content needs for their website, and some of their fundraising efforts.


How has INNOVATIVE’s relationship with JMF evolved over the years? 

INNOVATIVE’s relationship with JMF has continued to evolve as the Foundation grows. It has been exciting to watch the Joseph Maley Foundation lead their community to unconditional acceptance and inclusion of ALL children. As JMF grows we grow.


Why has INNOVATIVE continued their relationship with JMF? What’s special about this relationship?

It’s simple. INNOVATIVE and JMF both care about the future of Indiana’s children. While life is not perfect, there are children in Indiana that are born with more than their fair share of challenges. The Joseph Maley Foundation communicates and addresses these challenges for children and their families. They also help our youth understand how they can change and improve the world by being ambassadors for good.


Why does an organization like JMF rely on the help and generosity of a company like Innovative?

JMF needs a hand up from all companies with a passion for children. Every company can help fund disability awareness programs, adaptive athletic programs, legal council, mental health council and a host of other needs. Children are born every day with challenges. Their families need your help. By supporting JMF you improve the lives of children of all abilities.


How do you feel your skills and abilities empower you to empower others? As a person and/or company – whether this relates to JMF, your personal life, or anything you think is relevant!

Any time you can be a megaphone for a great charitable organization like JMF, you’re improving the world.  How many people are inspired by heroes who save one life? Imagine if that life was your child, or you as a child? If you help one life, you have made the world a better place. Make it simple, meet JMF and be inspired.  


What wishes do you have for JMF in the new year? 

JMF is a beacon for children of all abilities. I wish it to be a household name.  

The only challenge right now is a historical pandemic. I hope their message calmly cuts through the fears and Indiana remembers children are our future.


Finally – anything else you’d like to say?

Go Irish! 


Blog written and interview conducted by JMF Communications Associate, Gino Maley