The world of social media can be difficult to navigate. Oftentimes, when we think of social media we think of the negativity that lives there. It’s not uncommon to log onto your Instagram or Facebook account and feel worse rather than better about yourself or your day. That’s not to say that social media doesn’t have a good side. In fact, social media can be an incredibly useful tool for learning more about any sort of topic you’d imagine, especially disabilities, from real people sharing their real experiences online

With the success and interest of our previous blog on this topic, we felt it would be fun to expand our list and do a second round-up for our JMF community to explore. We hope this blog makes your social media feeds feel brighter.

Here are a few examples of #hashtags and accounts to follow for the best current information on life with disabilities, advocacy for diverse voices, physical and mental health, and other related information:


“Your biggest ally in the pursuit of health and well-being”

Healthline is an online media company with endless resources and up to date information on a multitude of health topics. Their instagram takes pieces of what could be complicated information and presents them in digestible, informative, and eye-catching ways.

The range of topics is massive, but relatable to anyone and everyone. Some examples include: “Mood-Boosting Foods,” “How to Handle Awkward Moments,” “How to Ground Yourself when Feeling Distressed,” “Resolutions for People with Chronic Illnesses,” and many more. Many of these tips and tidbits connect to a link in bio, that will lead you to an informative and detailed article on the topic. Their easily recognizable graphics and branding are a bright addition to your instagram feed, and will provide you with easy tips without a second thought!



This hashtag applies to a plethora of topics that are stigmatized and under-represented in society. The hashtag has a prevalent focus on depression and anxiety, but there
remains a constant influx of informative and insightful posts on endless topics, including epilepsy, chronic illness, ADHD, learning disabilities, and speech impediments. The content is constantly changing and always providing new insights to topics through the lens and experiences of everyday people. 








Jesi Stracham is a trauma survivor who lost the use of her legs after the motorcycle she
was a passenger on collided with a car in 2015. Jesi has since devoted her life to teaching others how to turn obstacles into opportunities and the power of our mindsets.

Told she would never walk again, Jesi was determined to face the adversity head on, and use her recovery as a platform to achieve her goals and help others. Jesi runs her own blog, an instagram account of nearly 50k followers, a non-profit organization, The Wheel with Me Foundation, and is competitive in curling, does Mudrunner races, and has been a guest on countless podcasts, the Today Show, featured in Medium, and in documentaries, as well. Her account is honest, transparent, educational, and inspirational. 




Brandy Lewis

Brandy is a Chicago Native living in Los Angeles. She’s a dancer, a foodie, a content creator, and writer. Brandy has an autoimmune disease that affects her hips, spine, and joints. It makes it difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time, and walk on her own for long distances. She spent a year in and out of the hospital, and goes to physical therapy multiple times a week.

Brandy has taken her astounding challenges as just something she has to work through, and has the most positive and cheerful energy. She is a fierce advocate for educating people on the differences in needing a wheelchair and paralyzation, invisible disabilities, and false perceptions and judgements. She has been featured in Refinery29 and her feed is filled with her optimism and contagious smile. 



Did we miss anything? Let us know what accounts and hashtags brighten YOUR social media feed!

Blog written and researched by JMF Communications Associate, Lauren Maley