Increased time at home has given plenty of people a chance to reconnect with old talents and hobbies, or discover new ones. In this week’s blog, we take a look at some of the hidden talents of our JMF staff!

Jane Seib
Curriculum Manager

I love to sew and make clothes and other things from gently used fabric. I like to be creative any way I can. I also do yoga every day.

I used to like to paint pottery before I had kids and I had more time and money. Now that I have children I discovered my hidden talent of picking things up with my feet when my hands are full! Also I can hit a laundry hamper with dirty clothes from any angle. And I can balance my 4-year-old on my feet in the air with no hands – and he almost never falls!


Lauren Maley
Communications Associate

I craft my own boxes and candles!


Courtney Basso
Events Manager

I am the unofficial travel agent for my family and friends. It’s a stress-reliever for me. I’ve planned everything from trips abroad to the next county over. My favorite trips to plan are the ones my husband and I will take post-retirement.


Aubrey Wiest
Communications Manager

I don’t feel like I have any hidden talents, but people always seem surprised by how fast I read. I’ve read 62 books since March 2020, and average about 2 books a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If I dedicated ALL my time to reading (one can only dream) then I could easily read a book a day. Alas, real life exists, along with its storm-cloud of responsibilities that lives above my head.





Vivian Maley
Executive Director

Knitting – I even made a pair of slippers for all members of staff!


Erica Christie
Director of Grants and Professional Development

I am a cook who is not afraid to tackle any recipe. From homemade pasta to empanadas to paella, I love to take on a culinary challenge.


Jeanne Spaletto and Julie Friedman
Accounting & Stewardship Manager – Director of Programs

Combo talent! So, as working moms, our lives basically revolve around:

1. our family
2. our job

Not a lot of time at the present for hobbies and interesting talents. 🙂


We are amazing team moms who can rally the fans and throw together a party in UNDER 3 hours. Yes – you read that right – under 3 hours!!

Saturday morning we went from no plans for our girls’ swim team who was heading to sectionals at 11am, to:

  • Custom signs with streamers
  • Goodie bags
  • Balloons
  • An army of 30+ fans cheering on our swimmers as they boarded the bus for sectionals


That’s our combo super power at this moment in our lives. 🙂


Gino Maley
Communications Associate

I build and paint miniatures!


What are YOUR hidden talent?


Blog written by Communications Associate, Gino Maley