The Kaleidoscope Circle

What do you imagine when you hear the word “kaleidoscope”? A variety of colors – bright and blooming? An array of geometric shapes, each one bleeding into the next? Whatever image you conjure, the kaleidoscope can be described universally as uniquely beautiful. It brings a sense of unity and cohesion to what might otherwise be defined as chaos.

When you hear the word “kaleidoscope” do you imagine a butterfly? You should. A collection of butterflies is referred to as a kaleidoscope.

The Joseph Maley Foundation has embraced the symbol of the butterfly – a representation of life, change, and hope – since our establishment in 2008. This symbol has graced every pamphlet, email, and piece of curriculum that we’ve used over the last 11 years, and holds a special place in the heart of our JMF family.

This year, in order to honor those who have shown continued generosity to our Foundation, the Joseph Maley Foundation unveiled our Kaleidoscope Circle. This collection of individuals have contributed to JMF for at least five consecutive years (2014-through 2018). These donors are leading the impact we are having on children of ALL abilities in central Indiana, and to them, we would like to say: thank you.

Donors marked with an asterisk have also contributed in 2019.

  • Jon and Lee Abernathy
  • Timothy and Mary Ann Abeska*
  • Jared and Lyndee Applegate*
  • Ariel Investments*
  • Richard and Carrie Barnett
  • Barbara Bates*
  • Bedel Financial Consulting
  • Body One Physical Therapy*
  • Paul and Laura Bohnert*
  • Andy and Allison Boyll*
  • Dale and Jo Ann Boyll
  • Dan and Mary Brady*
  • John Brady and Jen Money-Brady*
  • Bob and Emily Browning
  • Broyles Kight Ricafort, PC*
  • Jay and Theresa Brun*
  • Steve and Ivette Bruns*
  • Monica Buchheit*
  • Jeffrey and Jean Buttrum
  • Craig and Susan Carson
  • Chris Mauk Insurance, Inc.*
  • Gail Collins*
  • Connor Reporting, A Veritext Company*
  • The Copher Family
  • Dave and Elaine Cox
  • Tom and Nancy Cox*
  • Ed and Ann DeLaney
  • Dave and Eileen Dennie*
  • Duke Energy Foundation*
  • Charles and Robbin Edwards
  • Thomas and Jill Eifert*
  • Steve and Christine Exline*
  • Eye Associates, LLC*
  • Alex and Maureen Faust
  • Todd and Deandra Finnell*
  • Mike and Rhonda Fox*
  • Jason and Julie Friedman*
  • Sheldon and Cherryl Friedman*
  • Michael and Kristin Fruehwald
  • Tom and Karen Gallagher*
  • Jerry and Molly Garau
  • Tim and Melissa Gee*
  • Michael and Leanne Gilmore*
  • Father Rick Ginther*
  • Darrell Gordon
  • Susan Gordon*
  • Roxann Grabbe*
  • Kirk Grable and Lori Barnhart
  • Bob and Melody Grand*
  • Jim and Sara Gutting
  • Brian and Carolyn Hadlock*
  • Hall, Render, Killian, Heath, and Lyman, PC*
  • Paul and Kate Halter*
  • The Ha