Board Member Tim Gee has been an ardent supporter of the Joseph Maley Foundation for over ten years now. Tim, a history teacher at Park Tudor Middle School, has witnessed JMF programming through the eyes of a board member and an educator, giving him a unique perspective on how JMF serves children of ALL abilities. Keep reading to find out why Tim continues to support JMF, and why he thinks others should too.

What does the mission “serving children of all abilities” mean to you?

To me serving children of all abilities means engaging and meeting all children where they are at that moment. I absolutely love that our assistance isn’t conditional or focused on one particular group. We serve ALL children…how great is that?!


As a teacher at Park Tudor Middle School, you are able to experience our programs, namely the disABILITY Awareness Program, from a different perspective than many board members. How have you seen the disABILITY Awareness Program impact the students in your class?

As a teacher, I always look forward to disABILITY Awareness week. The experiential dynamic of the curriculum takes the students outside their comfort zone and allows them to briefly understand what it is like to live with a disability. The experience not only allows students to empathize with daily struggles/triumphs one might face when living with a disability, but it never fails to inspire them to start searching for ways to help improve their school. In addition, disABILITY Awareness gives students the courage to ask questions and learn how to be more inclusive with people of all abilities.  


What image comes to mind when you think of JMF?

You mean besides a super driven and somewhat intimidating butterfly that has Vivian’s eyes?… Having been with JMF for about 10 years there are many different images that come to mind but my favorite is the face of the young athlete whose wheelchair I helped push during the mini marathon, when they put the finishers medal around his neck. He and his mom were beyond happy!


Have you spent time volunteering with any of our programs? If so, would you please share your experience?

I currently work as an advisor to the JMF Junior Board and can usually be found taking part in the run2gether program.  


How would you encourage others to get involved with JMF?

The Joseph Maley Foundation offers so many different and diverse programs that my recommendation is to find the one that speaks to your particular strength and interest. Find some time to talk with Vivian, or one of the amazing staff members at JMF, and they will find something you are interested in.  


What do you most look forward to for JMF in 2019?

The upcoming Butterfly Ball in October, and my next race with the run2gether program.  


This is our year of stories – what’s your favorite JMF story?

Anytime I get to put a medal around the neck one of our athletes’ after a race – those are my favorites.