Like all nonprofits, Joseph Maley Foundation relies on the dedication and time of volunteers to help execute events and programming, as well as meet the goals of our mission. In 2023 alone, our volunteers donated over 3,500 hours of work. According to the latest report from Independent Sector, in conjunction with the Do Good Institute, one volunteer hour in 2023 equates to an hourly rate of $31.80. This equates to more than $111,300 donated by our volunteers.

Sara Golidy, one of our 2023 volunteers, is a newcomer to the Foundation. A student at the IU School of Medicine, and a member of the school’s Disability Advocacy Service Learning group, she sensed a connection with the Foundation right away: “I looked Joseph Maley Foundation up online, and was able to see the great impact it’s had on youth in the community.”

Originally from Ann Arbor, Sara holds a long-time passion for volunteering and disability advocacy. “Since I was a kid, I was always an advocate for people with disabilities. I went to a school with a lot of students with disabilities. [The friendships] I made, and standing up for others when the world was, at that time, a lot less accepting, was impactful for me….So coming here and seeing an awesome opportunity with Joseph Maley Foundation, I was just excited to get involved and continue that work.”

Beginning with the 2023 Golf Outing in September, Sara has continued to expand her volunteer experiences with the Foundation, and has encouraged her peers to get involved too. While she was unable to make our recent Family Fun Day in November, she was able to rally a group of fellow students to lend their time: “People really enjoyed it! They had a great time volunteering.” And while she may have missed out on our Fall Family Fun Day, she’s ready for the next one, “It just seems like a great opportunity for families to get together and have some fun. It’s something I look forward to — being a part of that.”

Joseph Maley Foundation has a long history of encouraging young people to be servant leaders in their communities. Which is why the Foundation has begun developing a Young Professionals Board this year. The board, a long-held goal of the Foundation, will provide community members who are just beginning their careers the opportunity to involve themselves with philanthropy and service projects. Sara is one of the foundational members of the board: “I really felt that Joseph Maley Foundation was a nice home for me and what I want to accomplish while I’m here. I want to have my own relationship with the Foundation, outside of my connection to it through IU.”

Joseph Maley Foundation relies on the generosity of our volunteers to keep events and programs running smoothly, and create a healthy and welcoming environment for all. Thanks to the tireless donations of time and energy, Joseph Maley Foundation is able to offer a suite of events and service programs to build communities and foster acceptance for all, crafting family friendly experiences where everyone is invited and made welcome. Alongside the generosity of our volunteers, Joseph Maley Foundation is enabled by our generous donors, who together help us put on spectacular events in the Greater Indianapolis area. Great things happen when we work together. This holiday season, please consider making a donation to Joseph Maley Foundation. Your gift empowers youth to live our mission and be inclusive leaders in our community.