Junior Board member Kyle Brun has never missed a JMF 5K race.  Read on to find out his reasons to Run, Walk, Roll.

Whether at the beautiful Eagle Creek park or a more urban downtown landscape, the combination of community atmosphere and post-run Dilly bars is on the outset of why I’m proudly able to say that I have never missed the Joseph Maley Foundation 5K Run, Walk, Roll.

Running has been an important part of my life for years, but even before I ran on an organized cross country team in middle and high school, the JMF 5K played a large role in spurring my love for the sport.

The day before the race, you arrive at the Enrichment Center to pick up your packet, met by a friendly and productive staff who also hand out lots of other awesome stuff (one of my favorite parts). You can even tie-dye your race t-shirt with the Junior Board. Every aspect of the process is indicative of the incredible work that the Joseph Maley Foundation does every day, but there is no better time to experience this impact firsthand than on Race Day.

Run. Walk. Roll. Whether you are an Olympic Trials participant, a kid who has never run a full 5K before, or a family advocating for children of all abilities by walking, it’s 100% inclusion, 100% of the time.

Speaking from personal experience, not all races are full of smiles and accomplishments. Between serious competition and the serious discomfort running often seems to cause, many of the track and cross country meets I’ve participated in have fallen short of evoking a communal sense of togetherness and peace.

However, the JMF 5K never fails to amaze me. Even when my excitement urges me to go all out at the start, leading to inevitable cramping at the 3K, I always find myself and those around me smiling and enjoying what is happening. It’s a true win-win situation: an astounding organization gains the resources necessary to support greater numbers of children and their families, and, in addition to a stellar workout, all the participants finish with pride in the remarkable cause they are all contributing to.

So, whether you are a seasoned veteran that has been around since the race’s beginnings at Eagle Creek, or you are making your way downtown for Indy’s premier road race for the first time, make sure you register ASAP for this incredible event. I can personally guarantee that, in addition to burning some calories, the JMF 5K Run, Walk, Roll will humble and inspire you, regardless of how you make it to the finish line.

Post written by:

Kyle Brun, Junior Board Member

Brebeuf Jesuit Class of 2018