As the holiday season approaches, and the days get shorter, we all could use a bit of good news to make our days feel a little more optimistic and stress-free.

So, we’ve compiled yet another list of somewhat recent news stories that might just help brighten your day!


Covid-19 Vaccine Approved for Children Ages 5-11

“U.S. health officials on [Nov. 2] gave the final signoff to Pfizer’s kid-size COVID-19 shot, a milestone that opens a major expansion of the nation’s vaccination campaign to children as young as 5.”  (LINK)


Eternals star Lauren Ridloff on playing the 1st deaf superhero in the MCU

“The Tony-nominated actress, who is making history as the first deaf superhero in the MCU and is deaf herself, opened up to “Good Morning America” about what this role means to her…” (LINK)


Europe’s most beautiful towns

“Paris, Rome, Barcelona…Europe’s cities are bucket list destinations, and rightly so. But the continent’s small towns are a dream, too, with all the beautiful architecture and much of the culture you’ll find in the big hitters, only with fewer crowds to share them with.” (LINK)


When a Wheelchair Becomes a Magical Chariot

“Seven families share their stories of putting together the perfect Halloween costumes…” (LINK)


Mom and son write book for kids to help discuss their differences

“9-year-old Joseph Dodd and his mom Jo co-authored “We All Like Different Things And That’s A-OK With Me!” as a way to boost his confidence.” (LINK)


Bride wears special tactile wedding dress on wedding day for her husband who is blind

“After about four years of dating, the couple got married in Maine earlier this month. Ahead of the wedding, Kelly wanted to do something special for Anthony again. So, she got a custom wedding dress – one with many textures, so he could “see” by feeling.” (LINK)


What are some recent news stories that made YOU smile? Share them with us!


Blog researched by Communications Associate, Lauren Maley