Mental Health

The Winter Blues and You: Seasonal Affective Disorder and Seasonal Sadness

The days are shorter, the cold is biting, and all the days seem to blend together. It’s winter.

It seems impossible not to get down during these bleaker months when we crave the sunshine on our backs, days off, and family time with daylight that lasts past 5:00 PM. If you or someone you know is really struggling with this time of year, they may want to see someone to discuss their symptoms and feelings. SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a form of depression that is an extreme form of that “Winter Blues” feeling. But, it IS treatable, and there is help out there – both for general seasonal sadness and those with SAD.

In this blog, we’ll outline what exactly SAD is, and how it, and other forms of seasonal blues, can be treated and managed.

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Goals and Goodbyes Worksheet

You might feel like there’s a lot of pressure at the beginning of January to really hone in on your ambitions for the new year. For some, it’s the perfect time for reflection and goal-setting, but for others, it can be overwhelming and stressful. Maybe you’re just not sure what needs changing, or maybe you just need a little more time to plan. Well, since yesterday was the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, it seems like a great time to check in with what worked and did not work for us well in 2021!

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Good Vibes Only: Feel-Good News Stories to Brighten Your Day (Pt. 3)

As the holiday season approaches, and the days get shorter, we all could use a bit of good news to make our days feel a little more optimistic and stress-free.

So, we’ve compiled yet another list of somewhat recent news stories that might just help brighten your day!

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Accumulating Positive Emotions in the Short-Term

We (and many others) have said it before and we’ll say it again: prioritizing your mental health is important. But sometimes, it can be hard to move this virtue into action. With work and school, appointments and practices, it just seems like there’s not enough time in the day to really tune into our mental state, and examine how we’re feeling.

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